About us

Stained-glass windows first came into vogue in the Middle Ages as a unique instrument that allowed artists to use light and color to achive a wide range of expressive effects. Today's architects and designers turn to this tradition more and more often as they seek new means of creating, or accentuating, say, a solemn atmosphere in a spacious hall or a cosy one in a homey corner.
A group of artists associated with the Vitrazh studio have been designing and producing classical stained-glass windows for over nine years. Our catalogue includes a wide range of artistic solutions for your interiors--from a miniature lamp to a monumental glass wall over 40 sq.meters. We use different kinds of assembly techniques (based on brass, lead or foil--the Tiffani technology) and use fusing where appropriate. Our stained-glass windows can be decorated with ornamental patterns or realistic paintings.Cooperation with designers and architects is quite welcome.
Telephone: (+7-095) 767-4017 (Moscow)